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Memorial Day Gift Guide for Veterans

There's nothing more heartwarming than showing your love to the veterans in your life. If you're going to give them a gift during Memorial Day, you'd better equip yourself with a wealth of information; you know, to make it the most memorable gift ever! This article provides various examples of the kinds of gifts veterans and their families would like to receive.


Authentic military decorations

Home of the free because of the brave glass stand

Some people collect military memorabilia, but there are others who simply want to show their gratitude for the servicemen and women who have provided over the years. These decorations can range from small tokens (such as key chains) up to giant statues or monuments that commemorate specific battles or conflicts.

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One way you can honor a veteran is by getting them a memorial flag. This type of flag is designed specifically for veterans who have died in battle or as a result of wounds received during the war. It can be used at military funerals and other ceremonies that involve honoring veterans who have given their lives in service to our country.


You can find these flags at most hardware stores, as well as online retailers like or You can also find personalized versions that include an inscription from family members or friends who want to express their love and gratitude for someone they've lost over the years—so there's plenty out there for everyone!


Patriotic t-shirt

The t-shirt says "I support our troops" on the front and has a picture of an American flag on it. It is made from 100% cotton and comes in many different colors and sizes (from small to extra large).

Patriot Sports "I support our troops" Memorial Day T-Shirt


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Another example is a military ball cap with an embroidered logo on it. The hat itself is made from 100% cotton material and comes in different colors as well as different styles - fitted or adjustable! It also has adjustable straps so that it can fit anyone's head comfortably regardless of size or shape! It also comes with an embroidered badge that shows your support for our troops overseas! You can choose between different designs such as stars or stripes etc., or even get something custom-made if you like!


Patriotic accessories

American Flag Clipart

Patriotic accessories are always good choices for Memorial Day gifts. For example, if you have an older relative who served in World War II or Vietnam, they might appreciate something as simple as an American flag lapel pin or a pair of patriotic socks. Or if they're into sports—maybe they like baseball or football—you could get them a T-shirt with their favorite team's logo on it (if they're not fans of any specific team).


Another great idea is giving them something that's designed specifically for veterans: for example, a coffee mug that says "I'm proud of my veteran" or even one that has their branch's insignia on it!


Pins and medals

Medals are an obvious choice for Memorial Day gifts because they're timeless symbols that represent valor and courage in battle. They're also a great way to honor someone who has served in any branch of the military—or even law enforcement or emergency services—so they can be worn every day as a reminder of their service and bravery.


Silver service stars

The United States Armed Forces use silver service stars to denote the number of years someone has served in the military. These stars are worn on the lapel of Army dress uniforms, but they're also available as lapel pins or necklaces so they can be worn with civilian clothes. For example, you could give one star for every five years of service—or three stars if your loved one has served 20 years or more!


Silver Service Medals

A silver service medal is another way you can recognize someone who has served in the Armed Forces. These medals come in different shapes and sizes based on how long someone has been in uniform; some even have ribbons attached so they can be worn around the neck like traditional military medals.


We hope you've found this helpful, and that you'll use this information to give gifts to the veterans in your life. Happy Memorial Day! Also, don't forget to check out all of the great deals Patriot Sports is offering for veterans –with a special 15% discount with a code TAKE15.

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