Color Theory Psychology of Warm Colors for your Custom Team Jerseys.

Color Theory Psychology of Warm Colors for your Custom Team Jerseys.

Have you ever wondered what color theory psychology is and how to use it? Color theory psychology is a way of applying human perceptual learning techniques and principles of classical conditioning to achieve specific results when advertising, designing products and systems, marketing campaigns, or even how you think. Today we'll dig deeper into the science behind warm colors and how they influence our emotional brain responses while using visual stimuli.

So, you have a team, and you have decided to design a new jersey. Sure, there are a lot of things to think about when designing the jersey, but one of the most important details in color. Using colors that represent your team correctly can help you get attention, so try to choose colors that mean something positive to your team. Colors that represent your team in the right way can help you get the attention of both players and fans.

Is Red good or bad?

Red symbolizes confidence and strength. It has long been a color that catches the eye, which is why it’s perfect for backgrounds and graphic elements on your team jersey. However, red can also symbolize anger, danger, and other negative emotions, so use it carefully in designing your custom team jersey. It is also perfect for adding emphasis to your design but think carefully about how you use it. Red is powerful and energetic but it can also be overbearing.

A Guy Wearing A Red Jersey is Playing Soccer and He is About to Kick the Ball

Let’s use Orange?

Choose orange for a team jersey because it means warmth and enthusiasm. A team jersey in orange is a way to choose youthful colors. You don't want to choose orange because it may stimulate your appetite and may feel the hunger in your stomach and we don’t want that mid-game! Kidding aside, orange can be associated with people who want to be different or who want to stand out from the crowd, it also ties in well with brown, yellow, white, and black.
3 Men Wearing an Orange Jersey. Each of Them has a Medal One is Holding a Trophy and the other a Basketball ball.

Yay for Yellow!

Yellow is the color of happiness, it is emotionally uplifting and has a positive impact on those around you, it is also associated with the solar plexus chakra, which embodies feelings of self-discipline, When gray is balanced with yellow, it gives off a sense of freshness and alertness, Yellow is also associated with optimism and hope because it is a happy color. It encourages communication and stimulates mental activity, Yellow could be the right color for your next team jersey on the field or off!

A Guy Wearing a Yellow Jersey is About to Kick The Soccer Ball Towards The Goal.

Color is more than just a visual element in our sports. Color can powerfully influence how your team is perceived by fans, how sponsors view your team, and how the team, itself, feels about its identity. It’s one of the unique design areas where gear can establish an emotional connection with fans and teams. The road to choosing a color scheme for a sports uniform design is long and hard because you need to think about it in many ways; not just the being immediately presented by a uniform design. Making sure that you get the right colors on a new uniform can have a tremendous impact on the success of the team and the feeling surrounding it.

Here is an overview of warm colors:

Overview of Warm Colors: Red, Orange, and Yellow.

So have you decided on the color for your team jersey? Come and try it here in Patriot Sports!

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